Roberta and Western Art

An Essay on "Why Western Art?"

     We all seem to travel our own unique paths to get to where each of us is today.

     I started out as a reporter/newspaper photographer in New Jersey, in the days when you learned on the job - no college courses. All of us there did double duty. My first film camera then was a Single Reflex 35 mm that could be manual or limited programmable. I just loved that world, but as a single parent with two little kids, after three years I realized I need more normal working hours.

     Being both a writer and an artist opened many door, and I always keep my ocumentary style. Then, as I returned my love of horses and started riding again. It was a natural progression to move toward Western Fine Art. I tried different styles,
but most weren't me truly until I finally found my vision.

    Working hard and focusing on my passion helped me grow and develop as an artist. Of course, being an adrenaline junkie, I gravitated toward rodeo, and all things Western. Yet all the while looking to learn new ways of seeing and doing. So here I am in 2017, welcoming you to Visual West Art.


Visual West Art - Unique Images of the West by Roberta McGowan Black and White Metal Images, Encaustic Painting, Western Photography