Bio and Artist Statement

     From her earliest years with a point and shoot camera to newspaper photographer to corporate photojournalist to western artist, Roberta has carried with her the joy of image making.

      She is a horsewoman as well as a documentary artist who combines both passions to create Visual West Art with her dynamic style.

Artist's Statement
     "It's not about the techniqes. It's about the fragile whispers of life: Those images that are here and then gone in an instant; The eye that sees them; The visions of the artist; The stories to be told; This is Art.

      The images I create are dynamic and thought provoking. Strong colors and tones reflect the tough and gritty lives of the horses, cowgirls, cowgirls and the West where they live and work.

      Her Colorado clients include Snowmass Village Rodeo, Broken Spear Ranch, Coulter Ranch, Skyline Ranch, Lazy O Ranch, Apishipa Ranch, Someday Ranch, Witt Ranch, National Little Britches Rodeo, Parachute Rodeo, Western Heritage Wild West Show, and Crystal River Ranch.

      Roberta's education includes Temple University, New York Institute of Photography, Encaustic Painting, Douglis Workshops, Equine Photographers Network Seminars and Workshops, the Philadelphia School of Marketing and Public Relations, Moab Photography Symposium, Carolyn Guild Private Training, True Grit Workshop, and Dan Ballard Workshop.

       Roberta and her husband Michael have lived in Missouri Heights/Carbondale on the Western Slope of Colorado since 1998.














Visual West Art - Unique Images of the West by Roberta McGowan Black and White Metal Images, Encaustic Painting, Western Photography